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Jingeri families, I hope you have had just as wonderful of a day as we have had in the Kindergarten 2 Room! Unfortunately Miss Shannan was away sick, but we were very happy and excited to have Miss Crystal, as was she!

This week is a very special week as we celebrate and pay our respects to the Indigenous culture for NAIDOC Week! In Kindergarten 2 the children are wonderful at saying their Acknowledgement to Country and reading special dream time stories as this is a very special topic Miss Shannan loves teaching! So what a better week to extend and build on the children’s knowledge and interests!

To start our morning we came together on the mat after coming inside from having lots of play out in the big yard, we said our Acknowledgement to Country with Miss Crystal before having a discussion on what NAIDOC Week is and why it is important. We then thought lets start our morning with some fun and movement. Miss Crystal had three special songs that we sang together and learned the dance moves too. The first two we sat in a circle and sang, ‘Taba Naba’ and ‘Inanay’, our friends did an excellent job singing and following Miss Crystal with the dance moves. The last song was called ‘Wombat Wobble’ which was a new one for our friends, but boy did they love it! To transition onto morning tea, we listened to a phonics song and our friends were encouraged to listen for the letter their name starts with, once they heard and recognised it with some guidance they moved off to wash their hands and take a seat on the table. For morning tea we enjoyed some delicious apple, chia and date pancakes with some fresh banana.

After morning tea, Owen asked if he could build a cubby house with his friends, Owen along with Emerson showed excellent team work and cooperation as they built the cubby house, when they were finished they proudly showed it off to Miss Crystal before inviting their friends Harper, Taran, Rosie and Luna to explore inside. Our friends shared lots of imaginative play and giggles while they sat inside their cubby. Over in home corner, Harper and Rosie moved on from the cubby house to engage in some role play, they each took turns wearing the apron and mit and making food for each other to enjoy.

Before going outside, our friends all did a great job packing away the cubby house and toys that they had been playing with. We then came together on the mat once again and read a special dream time story called, “The Rainbow Serpent”, our friends listened very well to the whole story and once it was finished they each relayed something that had happened, this activity and opportunity is great as it is encouraging the children to share stories and share their own interpretation, this makes them feel confident and valued. These were what they shared;

“The Rainbow Serpent made mountains and rivers” – Rosie
“The Rainbow Serpent was looking for the frogs” – Luna
“The Rainbow Serpent tickled the frogs bellies and all the water came out of their mouths” – Emerson
” The animals came out and began to drink the water” – Taran
“The trees and grass began to grow” – Harper
“Some of the animals weren’t happy and were turned to stone”

After sharing our own interpretation of the dream time story, our friends each made an important thing from it, such as the sun, the red dirt, the Rainbow Serpent, Frogs, Water and trees. They used playdough and plants from the classroom to set the stories scene then engaged in role play with their friends, further encouraging them to interpret their learning from one to context to another. After the children had all engaged in this activity we moved onto outdoor play both in our small yard and in the big yard, we loved playing with all our friends and having a laugh before having lunch. For lunch today we had Supercharged Spaghetti Bolognase and lovely side of salad. Our friends really enjoyed this meal.

After rest time, for the afternoon we will come together, look at some Aboriginal symbols before moving on to have afternoon tea which is Organic Pumpkin and Choc Chip Cookies and fresh fruit and then enjoy our afternoon outside.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Miss Crystal xx