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Welcome to our wonderful day in the Kindergarten Two room!

Tate and Ryan took the whales, dolphins and dinosaurs for a swim this morning. They first went to the water pump, trying to pump the water all the way through the rocks. When this didn’t work as planned, they filled buckets with water and carried it over to where they wanted it. They then dipped the animals down into the water, swimming them around.

Riley was the monkey bars king today. He built up the large blocks below to give himself a boost to reach the bars, before swinging across the bars with ease and then running back around and doing it all again.

Hendrix was on an ingredient search this morning. He was on hunt for ingredients to use is his “berry soup smoothies”. With a bucket in one hand, he roamed around the yard with a friend from kindy one, “We are cooks!” they told anyone who asked what they were doing.

We had forts and cubbies galore in the classroom this morning. The children worked both collaboratively and individually to make little homes, castles and shops out of the beds. They worked hard to balance the beds in a way that they would be able to stay standing without any support. Emerson made lots of little tunnels between the forts, crawling through them to visit his friends.

Today was the speech students from Griffith’s last day. As a final piece of their assessment, they came into our class and read an interactive story to the group. The book was called “Little Giraffe’s Big Idea” and the children worked to help the giraffe in his quest. The children were very engaged in this experience, putting their hands up to answer questions and volunteering to help out. Thank you, Griffith students! After the speech students had left, Macy decided to recreate the story and activity herself, using the resources so kindly gifted to the class. She moved the pieces around, helping the giraffe fulfil his quest.

Outside on the veranda, a small group worked with Miss Shannan to complete the alphabet puzzle. They kept singing the alphabet to help find the correct pieces and place them in the correct order. This activity assisted the children in their letter recognition, manipulation of the pieces and their turn taking skills.

Ivy and Miss Shannan enjoyed some lovely time together outside on the bench, as Ivy read Miss Shannan her big sister book. She flicked through the pages remembering most of the story, before smiling and excitedly squealing “Guess, what?! Baby is going to do a stinky poo!”.

Ella was the mud kitchen chef today, dishing up many delicious soups, cakes and smoothies with her garden sourced ingredients. She proudly dished up them for her peers and Miss Shannan to try.

Luna requested the current crowd favourite, “The floor is lava!” and began to excitedly jump for joy when Miss Shannan put it through the speaker. She ran out to her friends, “Floor is lava is on the speaker! We need to run!”. Harper was quick to join in the game “Yay! I’ll play Luna”. The girls then worked together to rearrange the obstacle course to suit their perfect lava escape plan.

Millicent enjoyed some craft today. She practiced her fine motor development as she drew pictures and wrote letters to her friends and family. She asked Miss Shannan to help to her write their names before she then carefully sealed them in envelopes and placed them in her bag.

Thank you,

Miss Shannan 😊