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Welcome to another day to the kindergarten room today we had a great day.

Today Austin, Layla, Harper, Mathew and  Sage,made playdough with Miss Emma. We all had fun with pouring all the ingredients into the bowl and mixing it all together and we made animals and shapes out of the play-dough. This was a great opportunity for the children to practice their turn taking skills, engaging and exploring with numeracy as we measured the ingredients using the measuring cups, using our hand eye coordination as we transferred the ingredients into the measuring utensils, we  explored literacy and numeracy as we read through the recipe together great opportunity and we also explored language as we talked about the texture of the playdough.

Layla and Hayley helped Miss Sarah finish off the digeridoo shakers  that we have been making over the last three days. We used, sand, sword shavings, rice, and wooded pieces to put in them. Tomorrow we will explore the different sounds that each of the didgeridoo make. It has been great to see the children sustaining interest in this experience over this period of time.

This morning the children also had the opportunity to continue on exploring aboriginal symbols and patterns that we started to explore yesterday. Today instead of drawing the symbols with pencils, today the children had the opportunity to practice forming the symbols using paint. It was great to see the children really persisting to try and form there selected symbols.

During our quiet activity time the children continued to explore the playdough using their imagination and creativity to create a variety of wonderful creations.

We hope you have a great afternoon

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah