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Our day today!

We have had a wonderful day in the Kindergarten room starting our day galivanting outside in the morning sun get up to all kinds of fun outdoor activities. Building forts, slide races, reading, painting pine cones, playing in the sandpit and swing on the swings! We even played a little joke on Mr G, placing a small TOY snack in the grass and tricking Mr G in making him think it was real! It was hilarious! if you weren’t Mr G…

Moving indoors for Morning Tea, we enjoyed a delicious light snack before heading over to the group mat for our much loved daily “show and tell”. Today Sage brought in his iPad with a very special doggy on it and Elliott brought in some pictures of his amazing Christmas tree, Hamilton brought in a special book and Hayley brought in some special pictures she drew!

After group time it was time to build the Gingerbread house that Elliott brought in for us earlier this week! it was a little bit broken straight out of the box but we managed to put in some decent repairs using icing as our “mortar” to do our best to put the pieces back together. Despite our best efforts and the warm temperatures the icing mortar didn’t hold very long but that didn’t ruin our Christmas spirit or excitement as we proceeded to decorate the gingerbread “flatpack” with lots of icing and sweet sweet candy. It was so much fun!

Moving on from our gingerbread house redesign, it was time for lunch! It was tuna pizza day! now with our belly’s satisfied it was time to move into our much deserved quiet time.

As the afternoon pushed we had some afternoon tea snacks and set up lots of different activities around the room including, building blocks, making Christmas decorations, doing special drawings, making snowmen and many other fun things! We even got a surprise visit from Mr G’s 12 week old son Brooklyn!


What a wonderful day it has been!