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Hello everyone and welcome to our wonderful Wednesday here in the Kindergarten class. We had a busy class today with our NAIDOC week activities, remembrance day, art therapy class and Little Big Sport Soccer.

For remembrance day we explored a video about how the Poppy symbol became important and had a minutes silence together with the Pre-Kindy classroom to remember those who died in war and to be thankful that we have peace in our country now.

For NAIDOC week we explored some aboriginal stories including “How the birds got their colours”. It was an interesting story about helping each other and good things will happen. We coloured our own birds with a collage style and they turned out beautiful. See if your children can remember the whole story and retell it to you.

For art therapy class today we had a unique experience were we read a story called “I love me” and it is about enjoying being unique and loving ourselves first so that we can love others. For the art experience we painted some pictures with our feet, Miss Vee talked about sensory experiences being important for feeling a sense of control and love for ourselves.

Just before lunch we went outdoors to play in the shady sandpit and do some throwing games in the tree house. It was great to test out our gross motor skills and determination to complete the games and the children love experimenting and taking the games in a different direction than we expect so we often create new games on the spot.

Thanks for joining us today and remember to RSVP for the graduation by telling Miss Jess, Mr Andrew or writing your name on the RSVP list in the foyer by the communication books (isn’t it approaching fast?!).

Enjoy your day, Mr Andrew and Miss Jess