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Welcome everyone to the Wednesday blog!

Today we had a range of awesome activities on offer and we also had some new friends joining the Kindergarten class!

We welcome Asher and Zander from the Pre-Kindy classroom who spent the morning with us. We sang the hat song so they could learn everyone’s names but it was great to see they were all already familiar with each other. After group time we had some delicious morning tea and we implemented our self serve system which is going well and adds to the children’s sense of independence.

Some children went over for some soccer skills and games while others did the art therapy with Miss Vee who has been creating some awesome art experiences. We will try and extend on this activity by exploring animal eyes and reflections which was the theme of the session.

In the afternoon we had lots of outdoor play with hoops, ball games and later we are planning to build a big dinosaur from the wooden blocks.

Enjoy the photos!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess