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Hello Families and Welcome to wonderful Wednesday.

The children have had a lovely day outside and playing soccer, Coach Clayton has said that they are all improving with their ball skills. If your child doesn’t attend this activity and you would like them to please see the office. Matthew and Sage are quickly catching up to the other children in their abilities.

Once inside today we have continued with the Sense of smell, we have looked again at our smelling playdough and discovering what each item smells like. Hayley loved smelling the lavender and Wynter quickly told me that a few smelt like lollies. Some of the answers were a little surprising and possible we have a slight addiction to lollies. Please feel free to see the result on the classroom wall. This activity has helped the children to understand how their nose works and how the messages are passed from their nose to their brain.

We have also completed some rocket ships to help us fly into space, the children have shown that they are strengthening their fine motor skills and pen control. Jaxon and Graysen excitable talked about where they would go when they explored space, watch our world they may well be the first to land on Jupiter.

The children are enjoying exploring their Phonemic Awareness and love riding their motorbikes. The compound words we have look at today include upstairs, hotdog, cupcake, birthday and something. Hamilton enjoys taking part in this particular activity.

During the quiet time today the children have explored making friendship bracelets today. They love spending time with her and creating memories.

Have a great Wednesday


Miss Sharon and her busy bees.