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Happy world kindness day everyone, we hope you are having a wonderful day. Today we had the lovely Miss Lauren with us from our Benowa centres.

What a wonderful day we have had in the kindergarten today, we have seen some wonderful acts of kindness and some beautiful play happening among the children.

This morning we  started our day with a quick play outside, before the air quality became poor. We then ventured inside for some delicious morning tea. At our group time this morning the children once again were practicing our songs for graduation, they sung so beautifully, I am so excited for you to hear them sing their songs at graduation next week. As it is world kindness day today we had a discussion about what kindess means to them. We had some beautiful responses from the children. Layla commented ” Sharing and making people welcome.” Hayley ” Sharing our toys and playing outside.” Hamilton ” Love them, play with a friend.” Emily “Caring and share.” Elliott “We play together. We share.” Wynter ” Be nice to our friends.” Austin “Sharing caring.”  Now it was time to get involved in our morning activities.

Today our friends, Elliott, Wynter, Angelina, Austin and Bobby were our fantastic helpers choosing experiences for them and their peers to engage with along with putting all the chairs around the table. I love how responsible the children have become in the Kindergarten and their enthusiasm to help set up their environment. Today’s activity choices included the dominoes which the children had so much fun exploring creating falling dominoes, houses, bridges and some wonderful patterns were being created through their play. Puzzles were on the menu as well the children using their problem solving skills, and persevering with challenges as they manipulated the puzzle pieces into place. At the table with me the children had the opportunity to create kindness posters. This involved the children using their cutting skills to cut out their chosen coloured heart, gluing it to a piece of paper then writing their name in the centre. Next the children had the opportunity to share kind words about their friends. I just loved listening to the beautiful things the children had to say about their friends. I feel so lucky to be working with theses beautiful children who are so kind, caring and thoughtful. Other play that occurred in the room included home corner play, a variety of construction and drawing.

After our busy morning of activities we had some special graduation business to do before lunch.

Just a few reminders

  • Can we please make sure your child is bringing a named drink bottle each day to Kindergarten, to ensure they are drinking plenty of water especially in this warm weather.
  • Don’t forget graduation is next Friday night from 5pm-7pm. Don’t forget to bring a yummy plate to share. 

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss Emma and Miss Lauren