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Happy Wednesday everyone. What a wonderful day we have had so far in the Kindergarten.

This morning after we came in from our morning tea, we had a wonderful group time where we sung our hello to the children of the world song and bug and roll which are the children’s favourite songs at the moment. This morning we also needed to have a very important discussion this morning as we have been made aware that the children have become very curious about their bodies and their peers bodies. During this discussion I talked to the children about their private parts and that they belong to them and we do not show anyone our private parts. I also talked about not showing our underwear to our friends, and if any of these situations occur or if they get a funny feeling in their tummies they need to come and tell one of their teachers, educators or Mummies or Daddies.  To further extend on this curiosity I have contacted Braveheart who do a show called the ditto keep safe adventure show  where they talk about personal safety for children in an age appropriate and fun way. I am just waiting to hear back when they are available to come and talk to our children. Once they have gotten back to me I will let you know when this will be occurring and their will be an incursion form for you to sign for your child to be able to attend. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to talk to myself (Miss Emma), Kylie or Blaire. At group time today Harper returned to Kindy with our friend Hungry Jacks and with some support from me shared her beautiful story and pictures from her weekend adventure, it looked like they had so much fun together. The children are all very excited to see who is getting hungry Jacks this weekend.

We then moved off into our morning activities. Today the children had asked to revisit making the spiders that we made on Monday. As the children made their spiders we talked about how many eyes and legs spiders have. This was a great opportunity for the children to further consolidate the knowledge we ad learnt so far and have the confidence to share their ideas and opinions to the discussion. As the children engaged in this experience it provided them with the opportunity to persevere with challenges, problem solve, be creative, strengthen their fine motor skills and sustain focus for a long period of time as this activity was quite time intensive. The spiders are looking great around the room.


As it is science week this week with a space theme the children had the opportunity to engage in two space themed activities. The first of these was using space pictures as inspiration as they painted with puffy paint (Paint made of flour, baking soda,  and water). As the children painted their pictures we had a wonderful conversation about all the wonderful pictures they were creating along with some of the children sharing their knowledge about the planets they already knew about. Here is some of the children’s stories from today. Graysen: “I can see Mercury it’s the tiny one”, “I’m painting the fiery one. The fireball and Mercury too.” Hamilton: “I know the grey one it’s the moon. The Sun it burns everyone if it comes down to earth.” Emily: “I’m going to make the sun and it’s right there. I’m making Saturn, first it’s the rings and then the planet.” Wynter: ” I’m making Space man to the Earth and some stars.” Once the children had finished their paintings, I then asked them a question about what they thought was going to happen once I put their paintings into the microwave as this is what makes it puff painting. Graysen thought his was going to turn into a fireball, Emily thought it would break and Wynter thought hers was going to turn into earth.

The other space themed activity today was our galaxy play dough. Here the children had the opportunity to explore and experiment with the play dough, star shaped cutters, rollers and star glitter. The children really enjoyed using the cutters and the star glitter making lots and lots of stars.

After our morning activities we moved into a group time where we watched a video about spiders for the last time. A the conclusion of the video the children had the opportunity to share any information they had learnt from the video or they had remembered from another day. Wynter shared that “They just jump when they go to spider webs. I’m not scared of spiders they are my friends.” Hamilton “That they jump.” Emily “They glow in the dark.” Graysen “The spiders make silk.” At the conclusion of our discussion I asked the children if their were any other insects or bugs they would like to learn about. Layla commented that she wanted to learn about Butterflies, Wynter commented that she wanted to learn about Caterpillars and Hamilton wants to learn about Grasshoppers. I then asked the children if they would like to learn about Caterpillars and Butterflies as these too directly relate to one another. The children said they would like to do that, as of tomorrow our focus will shift towards Caterpillars and Butterflies. As the children have really been enjoying dancing we then did musical freeze, a new song listen and move and to calm our bodies we lay down to listen to the very hungry caterpillar story.

We are looking forward to a wonderful afternoon together.

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah 🙂