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We have had so much fun in the Kindergarten room today! Here is a brief overview of our action packed day so far.

Starting the morning with some free time with our friends the children were free to participate in the any available activities on offer inside until each class returned to their own rooms for morning tea.

After morning tea with the children’s interest in Dinosaurs has been growing we decided to expand development in this area. To day we introduced archaeology to the children as we set the children out as explores and archaeologists to uncover some hidden dinosaur “fossils” trapped beneath an ice shelf. To replicate this experience we froze small dinosaur figurines in containers of blue dyed water trapping them beneath the ice. Our aspiring archaeologists were tasked to uncover their mysteries delicately so as not to damage their potentially fragile finds and preserve their historical discoveries. There were also Dinosaurs hidden throughout the room which the children had to find using a series of clues. Their very own Dinosaur treasure hunt!

Moving on to lunch time, the children enjoyed a delicious lunch which was very quickly devoured before settling in for our afternoon rest time. Bed’s were once again setup for the children to laydown and sleep or quietly read a book if they wished.

As the urge to get back in the action to play with their friends took hold, the children were dispersed in teams to a variety of activity stations where they were free to draw, build, play, create, read and learn. Using a 15min sand glass timer the children moved from station to station. They are really enjoying this.

Shortly we are about to have our afternoon tea before, having more group time and open the mic for show and tell. We will also read more stories before engaging the children in more activities including making playdough, puzzles, board games and literacy/numerical challenges for the children.

Its has been a delightful day today and we are very much looking forward to keeping the educational fun train moving!


Kind Regards,

Mr G & Miss Manuela