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Welcome to Wednesday everyone!

What a wonderful morning we have had this morning, engaging in some wonderful collaborative and independent play. After our yummy morning tea we joined together on the group mat to discuss our day. We sung our good morning songs and did our acknowledgment to country, which the children are becoming more familiar with. Now we had some brainstorming to do together, as Matthew’s Mum had kindly brought in lots of boxes for us to use in our play. Here are some of the wonderful ideas the children came up with. Elliott suggested a train and a tunnel. Wynter suggested A house. Harper suggested a dog and cat. Hayley suggested a tunnel, a house, a skeleton and a rocket ship. Hamilton suggested A car. Before creating with our boxes we needed to work out what materials we needed. The children thought we needed paint which they wanted purple, black, orange and red. We also need to make wheels or paint them on. windows and a steering wheel Hayley and Hamilton commented. I loved how the children were such active contributors during our brainstorming session. Before leaving the group mat we had our story of the week which is “All about food and me” As we read the book together the children ignited a discussion surrounding what they had eaten for dinner last night, their definitely was some great choices for your dinners last night. Once again I set a goal for the children to try one new fruit or vegetable at meal times today.

During morning activity time the painting table was a hive of activity as the children collaborated together to decorate the boxes, using the variety of paints. I loved watching the different techniques the children used from dotting, using long strokes, making patterns and using their hands to explore with their sense of touch and the conversations that emerged through their play. They talked about the colours they were making as they mixed the colours, such as brown, black and dark purple. As we have a car racing expert in Hamilton we asked him what else racing cars have, he commented ” We need seat belts and they have numbers on them.” As soon as Elliott heard the cars have numbers on them, he took it upon himself to write the number and number ten to go on our race cars, great work. Once the cars are dry we are going to take them outside to have some car races.

Other play that was occurring in the room included the children using their imagination and expressing their creativity as they created their picture stories. Elliott, made a story about the grass, dirt and sky. Harper made a story about her Mum trying to get home. Hamilton made a story about a car racing. Matthew was busy in the craft area drawing pictures of ghost and using his cutting skills to cut them out. Jaxon and Graysen spent a lot of their morning engaging in imaginary play in the home corner.

After our fun morning we had a fun colour race game to play which encouraged the children to use their colour identification and matching skills, along with being good sports, turn taking and listening to instructions. I loved how the children were such good sports today cheering on their peers as they raced through the game, and as the children didn’t give up. At the children’s request we will be playing this again tomorrow.

Before lunch today we also had a practice fire drill, the children did so well forming their line, and listening carefully to the instructions, well done everyone.

What did we enjoy today?

Harper “Painting a car.” Hayley “Painting the car and fire engine.” Elliott ” I liked playing the colourful game we just played.” Liam “Reading the books and doing fire drill.” Layla “I liked doing painting  a car.” Hamilton “Doing the fire drill.” Wynter “Doing the race car and the drawing.” Jaxon ” Doing the drill and the drill.” Sage “Doing the fire drill and the colourful game.”

What would we like to do tomorrow?

Hayley “The car race, using the boxes we made and the colour game.” Liam “Doing the colour race.” Wynter “Doing the car painting again.” Hamilton “Do the colour game.”

We hope you have a wonderful afternoon

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner