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Hello families and friends of the Kindergarten class and welcome to our blog today.

In the morning we joined the Schoolies and then later the Pre Kindy and Senior Kindy classes in the playground for different ball games and art activities.

In the morning we explored some positive affirmation cards that we will implement in the classroom from now on. They have great messages on them and the children did well at repeating them and thinking of ways that they are kind, helpful or peaceful.

We also had our art therapy class which was based on an interesting story called “after the fall” which was about what happened to Humpty Dumpty after the fall. Be sure to ask your children about the surprise ending to see if they can remember! We did some cutting and gluing to make the big wall that Humpty sat on, they also drew pictures and made some playdough models of Humpty as well.

The children who went to soccer said it was great fun and they mostly enjoyed the T-Rex game! After we all gathered together again we went outside for our nature hunt where we had to find different types of animals or plants. They children were very keen eyed and nearly found everything and worked together very cooperatively. We will definitely do this activity again in the future!

In the afternoon we plan to do some animal based artwork and head outside again for some catching games in the tree house.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess