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Season Greetings from the Kindergarten room!

Today has been yet another day full of wonder and Christmas activities. Starting with playing outside drawing Christmas snowmen and running around with our friends pretending to riding Santa’s sleigh delivering presents to all the boys and girls around the world.

After morning tea we as a class we started making some special Christmas tree shaped shortbread cookies for us to bake starting with all the raw ingredients, measuring the amount of ingredients we needed and took turns mixing the dough laying them out on baking trays and sent them off to the oven for baking. while we waited for our biscuits to bake we made Little green snowmen with playdough before lunch.

Today was pizza day. A class favorite apparently! with our tummy’s full it was time to relax reading quietly on the group mat with the option for some of our friends to have an afternoon nap.

As the last day for Kindergarten 2019 draws near we have lots of art work and crafts that we have created over the past year to sort through and collect to take home and lots of toys to pack and sort ready for the new Kindergarten class of 2020 to enjoy just as much as we have this year!

Lots of fun, arts, crafts and story time joy here in the Kindergarten room today.

Happy Wednesday everyone!