Good afternoon families and welcome to our day here in the Kindergarten room!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcomed all children with a cheerful smile and wave. What a fabulous day it has been today and I look forward to telling you all about it.

Today we decided to utilise the beautiful outdoor environment and make great use of the tree house for an outdoor classroom today. The children were absolutely stocked with this idea! After our morning play children then came together in the garden area for some scrumptious morning tea and we decided to combine the group time with morning tea too! Mr Andrew and Miss Jess then began to tell our friends what we will be doing today and the exciting news of having an outdoor classroom as the weather is amazing and there is nothing better than a cool breeze and fresh air.

After morning tea, all children made their way up the treehouse and to greet them were activities set up. Such as painting on the easel – Children really enjoy letting their imagination flow as they put a paintbrush to their hands and its amazing to see what they paint. Painting also helps their creative development as well as good hand and eye coordination.

At one table we had set up paper with colouring pencils where the children were able to draw their family portraits. –

Up in the tree house there were many other activities explored such as –

Puzzles – were popular by the children as they place them specifically in the right places to solve the full picture of the puzzle. Puzzles are always great as it develops children’s fine motor skills as well as great problem solving skills too.

Connectors – The connectors are always so much fun as they like to build awesome creations with them! Children like making houses, yards and beds for the animals. Some children like making different kind of boxes as well as different shapes and sizes.

Sandpit area – The sandpit area was enjoyed by all children. They all had so much fun making cakes and towers in the mudktichen. Children also liked swinging on the monkey bars and on the rope swings! Others hid treasure before finding them again with their friends.

Reading – Some children participated in reading time with Mr Andrew, the book about the warthog was a hit by the children. Reading helps develop language skills as well as enhances their knowledge and helps with their concentration skills.

This afternoon children went adventuring throughout their outdoor environment with all their friends as they played happily until they were picked up. All children had a wonderful day and thankyou Kindergarten.

See you all soon,

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.