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Welcome everyone to the Kindergarten blog today!

It was a big sharing day as Kianni and Emmett both had special surprises to share! Kianni brought some souvenirs from her holiday including some special shells, coral and photos from her Australia zoo trip. Everyone was fascinated with the items and there was lots of interesting discussions to be had. Emmett brought in a special item in a bag with a list of clues that the children had to decipher to figure out what it was. They managed to narrow it down to a dinosaur and it was a velociraptor which we learnt is a carnivore and was smaller than other dinosaurs so had to hunt in packs.

Later in the morning we split into two groups:

  • One group made started some thank you cards for Miss Shanaya’s last day before maternity leave – they coloured it with crayons and pencils and signed their names and added some touching comments which were sweet to hear
  • The other group came outdoors with Mr Andrew and did some number games, racing games and teamwork games including some of their favourites such as “sticky hands” and “candlesticks”

Then it was time to swap over and have a go at the other activity.

After some delicious lunch which everyone enjoyed we sat down for some quiet time while others cleaned the classroom. Then we rotated around the tables doing lots of different activities such as domino constructions, checkers, water painting, peg board artwork, building role plays and doctor role plays.

Thanks for joining us today, enjoy your evenings!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess