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Welcome to Wednesday everyone, we hope you are having a wonderful day. Today we welcomed back Mr G (Ginner) to the Kindergarten room, the children were all very excited to see him today.

This morning we had a longer play outside as it was such a beautiful morning and the children were really engaged in their play, a long with the children who were at their little big sport. Outside this morning the children enjoyed exploring in the sandpit where there was lots of wonderful treats being made, liked cakes, biscuits and mashed potato, they also enjoyed riding on the bikes and scooters together. Emily proved to have very strong legs as she pedalled two of her friends on the back of her bike. After our play we came inside to enjoy our delicious morning tea of carrot cake and a selection of fresh fruit. Once we had finished our morning tea we joined together on the group map to start our day together. We sung our usual songs of Hello to all the children of the world and tena koe. Today we had quite a few children who were not here yesterday, Miss Emma talked to them about how yesterday we started learning about rhyme. As a refresher for the children who were here yesterday Miss Emma asked the children if anyone could remember what rhyming was. Elliott was very quick to comment “Cat, bat, mat” what great remembering Elliott. We talked about rhyming words being a selection of words that have the same ending sound. The children asked of we could do the rhyme song from yesterday, it was great to hear the children feeling more confident to join in with the song today, adding in some robot dance moves.  This song can be found on youtube if you would like to listen and sing along to this at home “Mr Woodlands rhyming words” At the conclusion to group time Miss Emma used clapping syllabels to transition us from the mat. This involved the children listening out for their name and copying the clapping pattern back to Miss Emma.

During the morning the children were very busy engaging in a variety of experiences. Once again today the children had the opportunity to engage in a one on one rhyming game with Miss Emma. Here the children used the magic pointer to point to each of the picture cards identifying each of the words “cat, hat, mat, rat, fat, bat.” Once they had become confident with these words and the rhyming sound of “at” Miss Emma then encouraged the children to repeat back some of the “at” sounds using their memory recall skills. Some of the children who had shown that they were confident with this activity then played a game where they listened to four words and needed to identify which word didn’t rhyme. It was great to see the children trying so hard to listen and work out the sound. I am so proud of the children and how well they are picking up this rhyming skill as it can be really tricky. Throughout the morning it has been great to hear the children using some rhyming words in their play or coming up to ask Miss Emma if certain words rhyme. This would be fun to do at home with your children as you sit having dinner or reading stories together, it is also fun for the children to use nonsense words.

At the other tables this morning when Miss Emma asked what sort of art they would like to do between painting, drawing, collage, and cutting, the children requested both collage and drawing. Throughout the morning both of these tables were a hive of activity as the children used their imagination and creativity to create a variety of different works of art. Today we had rainbows, flowers, drawing their families, making and decorating paper planes and some of our friends wanted to practice their writing also.

Our shop play area was also very busy this morning with the children engaging in some great shop play with their peers. Today we had an ice cream shop and a supermarket. As a continuation of our shop play are I thought we could set the area up like a supermarket. If you have any empty boxes from cereals, muesli bars, or jars etc we would love to have them to add to our corner.

As the children were feeling very energetic this morning we decided to go outside into the outdoor classroom to burn off some energy through dancing. Here we danced to the children’s favourites musical freeze, animal freeze, shake your sillies out and sleeping bunnies. We then came together where we reflected on our morning talking about the experiences that we enjoyed. Emily enjoyed going on the swing. Wynter enjoyed going on the swing, the slide and dancing. Harper enjoyed the sandpit and drawing. Graysen enjoyed playing with his friends and in the shop. Liam enjoyed making paper planes and playing outside. Sage playing outside. Elliott enjoyed playing on the bikes, dancing and drawing.  Austin enjoyed playing with friends. Layla enjoyed playing with her friends, and drawing. Matthew like playing soccer. Thank you for sharing everyone. We then moved back inside for our yummy lunch and our rest time ready for a fun afternoon.

Miss Emma and Mr G