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A warm welcome to the Kindergarten room today. Let us share with you what our wonderful children have been up to.

We started our morning outdoors and enjoyed activities like water play at the pump and of course the swing which is always popular. The swing has been a great location for children’s imagination as we have been “flying” different places around the world and learning about geography and culture.

As we came indoors we had free choice activities including block play, drawing activities, puzzles and also some small reading sessions. We settled down for our art therapy class with Miss Vee where today the focus was about the sense of smell. We made small medallions with scented stones in them to place. We talked about our favourite smells and and tested to see if we could recognise the scents.

Braxton, Emmett and Wyatt went off to soccer and enjoyed learning some new skills and playing exciting games with their soccer balls. Our sport and movement session today focused on jumping. We did lots of different movements and the children each had turns at being the leader that the others had to follow. We progressed to making a big obstacle course where the children tested their balancing and jumping skills.

We also experimented with a sink or float experiment. It was interesting to see that this one wasn’t as intuitive as our magnetism one the other day. The children learnt a lot and will hopefully put this knowledge to good use this afternoon as we make our own boats and test them on the water to see if they float.

Thanks for joining us today and have a great afternoon!

Mr Andrew, Miss Jess and Miss Jade

Sink or Float?

Leo’s boat

Putting materials together to make our boats