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Welcome to wonderful Wednesday

What a busy day we have had in the Kindergarten this morning. Outside the children were very busy in the sandpit this morning building, digging, baking, swinging on the swings and monkey bars. We also had lots of our friends at little big sport this morning practicing their soccer skills. We decided to come inside a little earlier this morning as it was really hot outside, all making sure we had a big drink of water. After rehydrating and refuelling our bodies we moved to the group mat. We practiced our graduation songs, said our acknowledgement of country and lots of our friends were eager to share their show and tell. Today we had Hamilton who brought in a special book called “Where’s Hamilton?”, the children had fun trying to spot Hamilton in the pictures. Sage brought in his special soccer ball/basketball, which he said is very special to him as it is his only ball. Emily brought in a really cool race car, which she had received at Hamilton’s birthday party. Bobby brought in some of his special Batman Lego to show us what a wonderful job he had done creating and building the various items and people. Hayley brought in her Elfy that she likes to sleep with in the night.

As the children are starting to talk more and more about Prep, today the children had the opportunity to share how they are feeling about going to Prep next year. I was so happy to hear how excited all the children are about going to school next year. We will continue to talk about all things Prep over the course of the year. This would be a great opportunity for you to talk to your children about Prep at home too, if their is anything you would like me to work on with your child please let me know.

Child’s voice: How do you feel about going to Prep next year?

Wynter “I see new friends.”

Hamilton ” I feel excited going to go there. I get to play.”

Sage ” Excited, because I’m going to be big.”

Hayley ” Excited and happy seeing new friends.”

Elliott “To see what new books there are and the library.”

Graysen “I going to Violets school.”

Now it was time to get into our morning Play. As the children have been showing an interest in name writing today their was a table set up for the children to practice writing their names. It was great to see the children using their initiative when it came to this activity, by getting their name tags to count how many letters they have in their names, along with using them as a guide. Some children after they had finished writing their names decided to practice their scissor skills, cutting out each of the individual letters, and gluing them to a page. The children were so proud to show their peers and Mr G and I their wonderful writing.

We had some wonderful construction happening with the dominoes this morning with some wonderful mathematical language being incorporated as the children talked about building the tallest tower, “mines going to be bigger”, “Mines wider”, “Mine is going to be stable.” It was great to see the boys all talking eagerly to one another throughout.  Wynter and Hamilton were also busy constructing but using different building blocks, which Wynter calls the rainbow blocks. They were making race cars, motor bikes and spinners.

During the morning we joined together on the group mat to play a game of memory. This was a great opportunity for the children to demonstrate patience as they waited to have their turn, use their social skills, and using their memory recall skills.

What did you enjoy today?

Hamilton “I made motorbikes and spiny things and I liked playing outside.”

Wynter “Playing with the rainbow blocks. I made a car and then an icy thing a spinning round thing.”

Layla ” I liked playing with the colour blocks, writing my name and I liked playing in home corner.”

Harper “Doing my name.”

Elliott “I liked building a big tower with the dominoes and I liked drawing that tree.”

Sage “Playing outside, and playing with Elliott.”

Emily ” I liked playing with Layla, and I liked going down the slide.”

Hayley “My name writing and going down the slides and playing in the sandpit and going on the swing.”



Graduation please can we have all children up at the top centre at 4:45pm on Friday afternoon. This will help us to be able to get the children ready in their gowns and for the graduation ceremony to start at 5pm. The Graduation party runs from 5pm until 7pm with awards ceremony and disco to follow. Please rememeber to bring a plate of food to share. We are really looking forward to celebrating this night with you all.

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss Emma and Mr G