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Welcome family and friends to our Wednesday in the Kindergarten room.
Such an exciting day with Mr Andrew and Miss Jess!!
Firstly, we welcomed our 13 amazing friends with warm smiles and open arms!
We had another great morning outside making sure to expend some energy before the day got too hot!
The Kindergarten room gathered together for some stories and to refresh ourselves about our class rules that we made together.
Many of the children were gathering at the window to catch a glimpse of the pedal go-carts that arrived at Riversdale today.
After we put our shoes and sunscreen on we went in groups of 6 at a time to race around the fenced off carpark. It was a little tricky for some at as it required lots of leg power but eventually everyone was whizzing around like pros.
We had a wonderful lunch of mince, potatoes, peas, cheese and salad which everyone polished off and then it was rest and quiet time.
The playground is almost finished so hopefully we will be back out there soon with lots more fun outdoor activities.
Looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow!