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It’s Crazy Hair day today! The children arrived with some awesome styles and colours in their hair which was great to see. We also did lots of crazy hair themed activities like drawing some self portraits of our crazy hair and also putting little colourful sticks into some Styrofoam balls to make some dolls with crazy hair. The children enjoyed all the different themed activities and were laughing away as they showed each other their hairstyles.

Other activities we enjoyed today included making a wonderful happiness tree which the children cut some fabric and glued to the tree to make long leaves. They also coloured some paper and wrote some positive messages on the tree about our friends and families. Activities like this are a great chance to practice fine motor skills like cutting, gluing and drawing and it is also great for verbal language skills to be able to articulate why we love our families and friends.

Outdoors we played lots of throwing games like dodgeball and trying to land bean bags on some spots. The children love these games and after a while are able to keep them going themselves and make sure everyone is playing fair.

Thanks for joining us today and we will put the pictures and activities of our crazy hair day in the children’s learning journals.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess