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Welcome to our fun day Wednesday! ♥

Hello families and friends and welcome to our spectacular Wednesday!

We all started the morning off outside playing a variety of sport games such as human battleships where Mr Andrew hung up a sheet over some skipping rope and our friends had to launch plastic balls over the sheet and try and get each other. This was a popular activity for all the classrooms and much fun was had trying to throw and dodge all the balls. Our friends also explored puzzles, sandpit and mudkitchen fun, reading books and so much more!

Soon enough it was time for morning tea and to fuel our growing bodies! We all made sure to keep hydrated after running around outside. We then moved on to self select activities such as building with Miss Jess, Lego fun and also a wonderful show and tell from Ellie who brought in pictures of Mum and Dads wedding where she was the flower girl. Mr Andrew then played a game of noughts and crosses on the carpet and that was a hit for sure! The children had to work together in teams and figure out the best strategies to win the games so it required lots of speed, problem solving and communication.

It was getting closer to movie time but we had a few more activities to do before then including a big game of tug or war. We had some mixed teams at first that were fairly balanced and the children were working really hard. Afterwards we had a boys vs girls match in which the girls won convincingly. The boys team recruited some more members for the rematch which made it a bit closer and they edged out a tight game where the educators got involved too!! There was no tie breaker as it was decided a draw was a fair result and everyone deserves to win at Christmas.

After using up all of our energy it was time to locate our movie tickets and redeem them for entry to the Pre-Kindy theatre where our feature film was Arthur Christmas. Thanks to Miss Lauren in the Kitchen who prepared some plain popcorn in cups for the children and to Miss TJ for setting up a nice comfy theatre. The children had a nice relaxing time but unfortunately the TV broke half way through so we will try and finish the film this afternoon.

Thanks for joining us today! Merry Christmas to all of those not returning tomorrow and all the best at school next year!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess