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Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday.

What a beautiful day it has been today, both in the weather and the children’s engagement in their play. After our morning play outside where some of our friends engaged in their little big sports, we came inside to enjoy some delicious morning tea of fruit Kebabs and raisin toast, mmm yummy. Then we transitioned to our group mat where we did our acknowledgement of country, our welcome songs and roll call incorporating different greetings from around the world. As we have been learning about fuelling our bodies with good food today we watched a video about the five main food groups vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and protein. This video was a great opportunity for the children to learn about the different types of foods and sorting them into their categories. After watching the short video I asked the children if anyone could remember any of the five groups they talked about in the video. We had some very attentive listeners with Elliott commenting “Fruit”, Graysen commented “Ice cream” as a group we worked out that this fits into the dairy food group and Hamilton commented “Grains, vegetables and protein”, great work. Next I encouraged the children to share a type of food which we sorted into the different food groups. At  the remaining mealtimes of the day we are going to discuss the different types of food we have and what food group they fit with.  To conclude our group time we had three friends eager to share some news. Layla is very excited as today “We are buying the keys to our new house. Daddy built a tent there and we are going to jump in the pool when we get there.” how exciting for Layla and her family. Sage talked to us about his new ipad that he has received. Graysen was very excited to share with us the supermarket catalogues he had brought in for us to use. Graysen particularly enjoyed showing us the Halloween themed pages. Thank you for sharing today friends.

After completing group time we applied our sunscreen, put on our hats and went outside to engage in some parachute game fun with Mr G. What fun we had playing the variety of games such as big waves and little waves, listening to the music to give us cues on how we needed manoeuvre the parachute. Next up was the dirty washing game, which we used bean bags for. The children went through the process of throwing in the dirty washing, putting in the laundry liquid, washing the clothes, spinning them and then putting them out to dry. Lastly we went on a camping adventure together, which was so much fun. The children responded and seemed to enjoy using the parachute this morning we will be incorporating this and other physical play into our morning routine. Through engaging in the parachute play, the children were engaging in collaborative, cooperative play as they worked together as a team, they were encouraged to use their listening skills by following instruction and directions, the children were using their physical skills, and exploring and engaging with a variety of language.

After our parachute fun we came inside for a big drink of water, then moving into our morning play. Elliott, had indicated that he would like to do drawing this morning. He was a very responsible learner as he organised the materials and set the table ready for his peers to explore. Through the children’s engagement in this activity they drew their families, people, blueberries, and grapes. It is great to see some of the ideas we have been talking about in group time being reflected in other areas of their play.

As Graysen had brought in some additional supermarket catalogues for us to use today the children had the opportunity to practice their cutting skills as they cut out a variety of items. This was a great opportunity for the children to explore our topic of healthy eating and different food choices, through conversations and sorting them and identifying which groups they belong too. Graysen, enjoyed cutting out the Halloween themed pictures to create a collage, great thinking Graysen.

As the children have been showing an interest in numbers, I introduced the children to the card game go fish. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to identify numbers, engage in social cooperative play with their peers through turn taking, being patient, they were exploring language through questioning and playing a game with rules. This would be a great game for you to play at home with your families. Over the next two weeks we will continue to play this together with the children, with the intention of them being able to play this independently along with the addition of the game memory.

What two activities did we enjoy today?

Hamilton “Playing go fish and I liked doing the exercises with the parachute.” Layla “I enjoyed playing in home corner with Sage and the parachute.” Wynter ” Playing with the drawing and going camping with the parachute.” Elliott “I liked doing the ball parachute thing and I liked doing the slidy blocks.” Harper “Cutting the food and drawing my name.” Sage ” I liked the parachute we went under and the ball parachute game.” Austin “Everything.” Graysen “I liked doing cutting Halloween picture, I liked doing the one the parachute.”

During quiet activity time we would like to do……

Elliott “Slidy blocks.” Hamilton “Doing the card game again.” Jaxon ” Get the puzzles out.” Layla “The sticky blocks” Graysen “Doing Ocean puzzle.” Harper “Drawing.”

In addition to the children’s choices, we have a special Halloween mask activity that our friend Elliott and his family has brought in for us. I am looking forward to the children’s creations. A big thank you to Elliott and his family.

Important notice

For those I have not been able to catch, there has been a change of date for our Kindergarten graduation. It is now going to be held on Friday 22nd November from 5pm-7pm at our beautiful centre. Over the course of the week you will all receive a hard copy invitation. Any questions please feel free to talk to me 🙂

Have a wonderful afternoon

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner