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Greetings everyone and welcome to our wonderful Wednesday here in the Kindergarten class!

Fun activities we did today included:

  • Group time – reading lots of stories with question and answers and exploring our affirmation cards
  • Art therapy class with Miss Mackenzie, exploring a story about a “problem” that was following a child around and he needed to address it. We made our own colourful storm clouds in contrast to the dark stormy problem
  • Alphabet hunt in the playground – searching the playground for all the letters in our name and ticking them off when we find them
  • Catching and throwing games in the tree house
  • Practicing some group time music and dancing
  • Learning some new action and singing songs that we can do together
  • Heading up to the double slide playground for lots of active games and fun and dancing

The children were very focused and expressive today with lots of imagination and creativity going on in their play.

Sorry for no photos today. Will add them to tomorrows blog!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess