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Greetings friends and families of the Kindergarten class and welcome to our Wednesday blog.

We gathered together in the morning for some play outdoors. Water activities were popular as the children transported water from the pumps to the outdoor kitchen or the sandpit. Others enjoyed the swings and slides and more active play.

We came indoors for out art class today which was all about “stone soup”. The art teachers had little cotton balls of various colours and the children had to choose what vegetables they were addi*ng to the pot. It was great to hear the different choices and even funnier to hear the different responses like “mmm” or “yuck”. We then did a very odd things which was paint with the vegetables! They had been cut into different shapes and it was very entertaining to watch how the children used the to paint their pictures. The art classes have been wonderful for getting children out of their comfort zone and trying something new so we thank them so much for their contributions.

Thanks to the cooler weather we headed outdoors for some teamwork games in the tree hut where the children had to race like wheelbarrows while the others held their legs. We then progressed that to a game where we had to carry the person entirely off the ground! That caused lots of laughs but the teachers were impressed how each person persevered and helped the cause.

In the afternoon we played a fishing game where the children had to find the letters in their name. Well done Emmett who did this the fastest today! It was a great game for fine motor skills, coordination and letter recognition.

In the afternoon we plan to make some treasure maps as they are a big interest at the moment!

Thanks for reading our blog today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess


Children need to arrive at the centre at 4.45 at the latest to get ready for their graduation on Friday. 2 guests per graduate please (only small babies can come as extras). We look forward to seeing you there and performing for you!

Searching for insects and checking up on our “bug house”