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Good afternoon everyone, welcome to wonderful Wednesday in the Kindergarten.

We started our day engaging in a variety of play in the outdoor environment, this included lots of sandpit play, drawing, sliding down the slide, balancing on the balancing beams, riding on the bikes and some of our friends had little big sport. After our busy play we ventured inside to refuel our bodies with some delicious jelly cups and a selection of fresh fruit. Now it was time for group time.

At group time today I was so proud of the children, as instead of playing our good morning songs for the children to sing a long to, today I encouraged the children to sing without the music. What a fantastic job they did using their memory to sing the words without the music it sounded so beautiful, well done everyone. The children then had the opportunity to share their ideas of what they wanted to do today, in particular what types of activities they would like to explore. The children are in a very creative mood at the moment as they requested painting, drawing and play dough. Lastly before it was time to engage and set up these experiences, we read our story of the week “Green eggs and Ham.” Just as we did yesterday the children were encouraged throughout the story to help me retell the story, a long with identifying some of the rhyming words they could hear. The children have definitely begun to become familiar with the story confidently joining in with much of the story. Now it was time to explore our play experiences.

Just as the children had requested we set up a painting experience where the children had the opportunity to freely express themselves creatively and imaginatively as they explored a new type of paint, tempura. This was a new concept as the paint was a powder, but once they dipped their paintbrush into water, then into the tempura paint, and began to paint on their paper it was like magic as it turned into a liquid. The children really seemed to enjoy experimenting with this type of paint. I think tomorrow we will have this out once again.

Home corner play today took on a new adventure as the children turned the area into a coffee shop. I loved seeing the children using the machines to make their coffees, and also hearing a variety of different flavours of coffee being created, such as banana, vanilla, and sausage coffee. Tomorrow we will set the area up along with the children to suit more of the coffee shop vibe that they were going for.

As the children had yesterday requested that we do origami again, the children had the opportunity to revisit this. Although today the visual instructions that I had printed out for the day to explore were a little too challenging for the children to complete independently. Definitely something for me to keep in mind for them next time.

At the play dough table today the children were getting very creative as they made pancakes, snowmen, balls, spring rolls and faces with their play dough. As the children engaged in play their were a variety of conversations occurring between the children. For example what food they liked to eat, talking about their Mums and Dads, asking if they could juggle and much more. It was a great social experience for myself to observe.


At our group time before lunch, Sage had the opportunity to share his adventures of what he got up to during his weekend with Hungry Jacks. What an active weekend he had as Sager  told us , I taught him to do a roly poly, he can cross his legs and put his head down and do a hand stand. We took him to the park and he went down the slide. He slept in my bed with me and he didn’t even wake up in the night. I bet Hungry Jacks was very tired at the end of his days with Sage after all that physical activity. Hungry Jacks  does not get a rest this week at Kindy as he is off on his is next adventure tonight with our friend Elliott. We look forward to hearing what they get up to on their weekend adventure together next week.

What did we enjoy today?

Hayley- ” Doing the play dough and the doggy (orgami) and doing some colouring outside, and some playing in home corner with the coffee.”                                                                                                                                                                                 Elliott- “Playing on the slide, drawing and playing in the sandpit.”                                                                                                    Hamilton- “Playing doing soccer and um playing with the play dough.”                                                                                            Layla- ” I like doing the slide and I liked doing reading a book and I like home corner and I like the swing outside and some art.”   Harper- ” Painting a coloured rainbow and drawing.”                                                                                                              Emily- ” Reading a book.”                                                                                                                                                                  Liam- ” Going on the mountain outside, playing with the spray, reading the books and playing with Hamilton.”                              Sage- ” I liked playing in the home corner, going down the slide, playing with Chilli.”                                                                      Angelina- ” I did home corner, I was playing with the shop making coffee.”                                                                                    Wynter- ” Playing in the shop with Angelina in the shop, painting.”

Tomorrow we would like to we want to do, painting, drawing, cutting, play dough, the coffee shop.  Now it was time to enjoy our delicious lunch which was very popular among the children.

We hope you have a wonderful afternoon

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner