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Welcome everyone to our wonderful day today. We celebrated Kerim’s Birthday today as he wasn’t at Kindergarten on Monday. It was great to see all of his friends singing for him and he had a beaming smile the whole time.

Miss Vee was away today so we did our own art experiences with some chalk dust. We talked about the dust storms recently and tried to replicate that storm effect on some paper by scraping chalk dust onto a layer of water and pressing some paper against it. The results were awesome and the children led the whole experience themselves by scooping the dust onto the water and pressing the paper on themselves.

We also experimented with some different salt types to see if they make different crystals. We had Himalayan salt, rock salt, Epsom salt and copper sulfate. The teachers made sure to do the copper sulfate one as it can be a little dangerous for children.

Little big sport came for soccer today which Xavier, Braxton, Wyatt and Emmett enjoyed. In the afternoon we went up to the top playground to play in some wide open space with cricket, soccer games and other ball games.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Dominique