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Hello and welcome families and friends of the children here in the Kindergarten room.

What a awesome Wednesday it has been today!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess start the day by welcoming each of the 17 children from the kindergarten room as they are dropped off outside to join the fun in the outdoors with their friends. All friends had a wonderful time exploring around and self- selecting activities of their choice, such as playing in the mud kitchen underneath the tree house, building awesome ramps from the big blocks for the cars to go down OR playing some cricket and so much more.

When it was time to come inside, we all sat down on the green mat, did a roll call to make sure we had all our friends as that assures us everyone is accounted for so we were able to go inside. Once inside all friends washed their hands ready to eat some delicious morning tea. After our morning tea we helped clean up before heading to the green mat for group time and a fun game that Miss Jess thought of, even Mr Andrew had an awesome time dancing around with his friends.

Leo and Kianni helped change the calendar for us and they did a brilliant job at doing so. We than spoke about some things we would get up to today. After group time Miss Jess got straight to the game of musical statues!! WHAT A BALL EVERYONE HAD!! Miss Jess and Mr Andrew saw such great dancers and awesome moves from all children. They were all so good at freezing when the music stopped. Doing musical activities really helps and enhances on the children’s balance, their coordination and rhythm through dance or other activities with music.

Throughout the morning all friends were able to choose what they would like to do such as the following.

  • ¬†Water play is always fun. Children like to see how many cups it takes to fill up the boot or the jar. This activity enhances in their fine motor skills by pouring and stirring around.
  • Building with the connectors. Lately this has been one of the favourite things to do as children enjoy making houses for the baby animals to go into, some children like to make different shapes.
  • Mr Andrew helped make chatterboxes with children who were interested in making one which is a great way for them to learn more about colours as they select different colours for each triangle. It also involves a bit of math as they put down numbers with how many times that they need to open and shut their chatterboxes.
  • Glitter painting was a favourite by our friend Rikki as she wanted to do a blue glitter painting which also sparked other children’s interest into doing one too.
  • Kianni liked solving the little cards and matching each picture with either ‘seeing’, ‘hearing’, ‘touching’, ‘feeling’ or ‘tasting’.

Kerim and Carter both enjoyed playing in home corner this morning, cooking away some yummy corn as well as many other tasty treats.

This afternoon depending on mother nature we may or may not head outside…However either way we will have a fantastic afternoon filled with laughter and joy.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all very soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.