Happy Wednesday everyone. We hope you are all having a fantastic day on this gloomy today.

What a busy morning we have had in the Kindergarten today. As usual we started our day outside engaging in a variety of experiences from riding bikes, going down the slide, kicking balls, and playing on the hill. After fuelling our bodies with our morning tea we then moved inside for our morning group time.

At group time this morning the children discussed what activities they wanted to explore, play dough was a popular choice this morning, a long with playing the gingerbread man game that I had made for the children to play with together. We then read our story of the Gingerbread man which the children did a fantastic job of helping to support me to read. After reading our story together I asked the children what fairy tale story they would like to read and explore next week. There were two clear favourites being Goldilocks and the Three bears and The three billy goats gruff. I am looking forward to exploring these further with the children next week through a variety of experiences.

This morning during our activity time the children were very engaged in their play. The play dough table was a hive of activity with the children manipulating the play dough into their desired creations as they expressed their creativity and imagination. In addition with the play dough the children had the o[opportunity to add some natural materials that a few of the children had gathered outside in the yard. Some of the children were very eager to show off and talk about the creations they had made. Graysen had made a ship, Austin had made ten trees and a path, Wynter had made a pirate ship and Jaxon had made the ocean. What creative and imaginative learners we have in the Kindergarten. This afternoon as it is a little bit wet for us to go out the children will have the opportunity to revisit the play dough using their imagination and creativity, I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

As the children had shown an interest in playing the game of bingo today, I thought I would introduce the children to a new game today following on with our Gingerbread man theme. This game was called “Roll a Gingerbread.” Through this game the children took turns at rolling the dice identifying the number of dots that was on the dice and looking at the instruction card to find the corresponding piece of the Gingerbread man to place onto his bodies. Throughout this experience it was great to see the children patiently waiting their turn, using the language it’s your turn now and it’s my turn next and supporting one another to identify the number of dots and the corresponding body part they needed to put on their Gingerbread man. Tomorrow the children will have the opportunity to revisit this if they wish.

Other experiences and activities the children enjoyed exploring were the felt board stories, these have been very popular with the children this week, with them requesting to have these out each day. Hayley and Elliot asked to revisit their Gingerbread man puzzles they had started making on Monday, which it is great to see the children wanting to revisit and see an activity through to completion even after a couple of days. There was also some construction play, puppet play and drawing occurring throughout the morning.

As the children seemed to have a lot of energy nearing the end of the morning I suggested we go outside and burn some of this energy off before it started to rain. The children enjoyed practicing their ball skills with Mr Ginna threw throwing, kicking and chasing the ball. They road the bikes and Wynter and Austin were making big mountains in the sandpit.

This afternoon as it looks like it might be a bit of a rainy afternoon we will be engaging in a variety of activities intiated by the children along with Bingo, drawing, and dancing.

Do not forget about our fathers day evening tomorrow from 5-6pm we hope to see you there.

Have a great afternoon

Miss Emma and Mr Ginna