Welcome everyone to our Wednesday blog here in the Kindergarten classroom. We have been busy setting up the room for our Halloween party tomorrow and it was awesome to have some of the children involved who won’t be here tomorrow. We have lots of features that I’m sure the children will be excited to share with you.

Our activities today included some fun new group time games like the “hungry fish”, naming the parts of our skeleton and also some new and interesting stories from Miss Lyn. The children are engaging so well at group times and really picking up lots of new skills and are gaining more confidence which will be setting them up well heading into school.

We had our art therapy class today with Miss Vee and Miss Bec. The focus was on identifying different emotions and what might make us feel certain ways. We drew some faces on paper and then coloured the pages to compliment the emotion we were trying to illustrate.

During free choice time popular activities at the moment included constructions with the jumbo dominoes, puzzles, drawing and writing cards to friends and even some fine motor skill activities like peg boards.

We tried to get out early in the afternoon to try and get some active play in before the rain comes again. In the tree house today we did lots of catching and balancing games to test our gross motor skills.

Thanks for joining us today!! See you for our spooky Halloween party tomorrow.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

p.s. bonus picture of the class practicing their graduation songs for the Pre-Kindy class yesterday!!!