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Welcome to our Wednesday session in the Kindergarten room. Today Mr Andrew and Miss Jess had a busy group of 18 with some new faces. We have Sonni who started yesterday and a new friend Wyatt starting today. They have both settled in well with their new friends and teachers.

We started off our day outside and it was a little hotter today so activities such as the cool sandpit, tree house and water trough were popular. We came inside and did some more singing and name games so that the children can become familiar with all the new faces in their class. Feeling a sense of belonging to a group is the first step for children to feel comfortable to learn new skills and develop confidence to tackle new challenges. We had two groups for special groups times and morning tea and rotated turns.

There was lots of turn taking as we had to split into small groups again for the Little Big Sport that came and did a free football session with the children. The children showed excellent listening ears and followed the games very well and learned some new balancing and kicking skills along the way.

Today more of the children explored the counting stones and did some simple addition by putting two cards together and counting the totals. Small uniform objects like this are an excellent way for the children to become familiar with group sizes so they can add numbers together.

There was some awesome experiments going on such as “What will roll?” we looked at the shapes and discussed that the circle shape objects roll the best, that’s why vehicles use circular wheels.

For lunch we had mince, cheese and salads and everyone seemed to enjoy this after a busy football session earlier. In the afternoon we will continue our exploration of movement games such as “sticky hands” and bean bag balancing games.

Thanks and see you again soon

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess 😊