Welcome everybody from the Kindergarten class.

Today we have enjoyed exploring the different playgrounds around the centre. The children have enjoyed having a lot more outdoor time. We played games like basketball, cricket, wheelbarrow races and even some trust falls which was fun and exciting.

Indoors we explored some estimating games and we hope to extend on this by having a Jelly Bean estimating competition with the winner taking home all of the jelly beans. So we made sure to focus and practice today so we can get it right on competition day.

Miss Vee came for some interesting art therapy where the children made some masks and used lots of painted colours and foam noodles to decorate. These classes have been great to extend different skills and get the children discussing their art and thinking more deeply about it.

Thanks for joining us today. Enjoy the photos.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Singing the “5 little ducks” song

Estimating how many Lego pieces there were

Doing our class blackboard stories where each child can contribute to the story