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Happy Wednesday everyone, we hope you have had a wonderful day today and managed to keep cool. This morning we stayed indoors to try and beat the heat but the children still had lots of fun finding their favourite activities including finding some interesting stories to read, making some summer themed constructions with lego like Reid’s pool, Leo’s “Gold coast city”, Zander’s “jetski” or Coen’s boat.

At group time today we explored two main themes that the children have been interested in:

  • THE HUMAN BODY – we drew an outline of a person and worked together as a class to name as many different body parts as we could including the outside and the inside. Extra points to Carter for the most interesting response which was the “phalanges” (finger and toe bones)
  • SPACE AND THE PLANETS – we sang our planet song called “Mother sun” and names theme all, we also used the paper mache planets we made and talked about some of the facts about each, memorable facts included Venus having lots volcanoes and Mercury being the smallest planet

Because it is Summer we did some artwork about the season. The children used sponges and brushes to create a picture that looked like Summer to them. We added some captions as well by asking the children “What does Summer mean to you” these will be available to pick up in the foyer today so make sure to get them and there will be lots of artwork coming home soon to so look out for that.

Because of the heat we tried to get active indoors as well with some limbo and carnival games as you can see from the photos. Hopefully we can get outdoors in the afternoon and enjoy some nice shady play.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess