Welcome to wonderful Wednesday in the Kindergarten. What a fun morning we have had this morning with our much anticipated Ocean stars show, which I will talk about a little more later.

Today is a very special day for our friend Hayley who is celebrating her 5th birthday. We are so lucky that she wanted to spend her special day with us.

This morning before we had our turn for the ocean stars show, we had a wonderful time engaging in a variety of different experiences. Firstly as we have been exploring sea creatures and the children have been enjoying exploring play dough, today we combined the two together as the children had the opportunity to create their own sea scene using a variety of different shells, drift wood, coloured stones, and laminated pictures of sea creatures. Myself and Mr G loved watching the children’s imagination come alive as they created their sea scenes, then sharing with us what they had created. Elliott made an underwater scene, where the shark was looking for the fish and the fish were hiding behind the seaweed. Sage’s sea scene involved a shark chasing fish and an Octopus looking for treasure. Liam’s scene involved an Octopus being chased by a shark through the reef. Harper’s scene, there was a crab trying to eat the fish while the fish is trying to eat the sea weed. What a wonderful opportunity for the children to express their creativity, use their imagination and explore and expand on their language as they used descriptive language to describe what they had created.

The children had the opportunity to engage in a game of what’s missing in pairs. It was great to see the children being able to engage in this game independently, needing no support from the educators to play. I loved hearing the children giving each other cues when they got a little stuck and taking turns at leading the game. As the children engaged in this game with one another they had the opportunity to explore language as they practiced the rhyming words, by asking questions and giving their peers clues.

During the morning Elliott asked a great question as he was drawing he wanted to know if there were orange clouds. I thought what better way to find out than to look on the computer, where we googled orange clouds. After seeing that yes in fact there are orange clouds Elliott wanted to use one of the pictures for inspiration for his drawing. Hayley decided also that she wanted to choose a picture of the sun to use as her inspiration today. What a great idea friends. Harper decided to join her friends at the table too, deciding to draw a picture of her sister Ivy who has curly hair.

After we had  finished our morning activities the children had the opportunity to go to the Ocean stars show with the vacation care children. What a wonderful experience this was for the children to learn about different types of creatures that live in the ocean. We found out some awesome facts in particular that an Octopus has three hearts and that some sharks lay eggs. After learning our fun facts, we were able to get hands on with the sea creatures that had been brought in for us to touch. There were sea cucumbers, starfish, sea snails, coral, and sea urchins. We also got to look at lots of different types of shells. Once we came back into the classroom the children had the opportunity to share what they enjoyed from the sea life show. Harper liked the starfish, Elliott liked feeling the black sea cucmber and the starfish it was so slimey. Angelina liked the sea horse and Hamilton liked hearing the sea in the shell and Sage liked the sea cucumber it felt like slime.

We hope you have a lovely afternoon

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner