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Hello everyone and welcome to the Kindergarten blog! Today we had 15 children who were all ready and excited to start their day at Riversdale. In the morning children played in their small friend groups doing activities like playing on the swings, bug hunting and challenging themselves on all the gross motor equipment like the slides, climbing ropes and jungle gym.

As we came indoors we had a group time and sang some songs. The children have been requesting their favourite ones and it is great to hear them singing them with such enthusiasm. We have been practicing our graduation songs as well so look forward to hearing these on the big day. Remember to have a look at the poster outside Kindergarten classroom to place the logo of the school or Kindergarten your children will be attending next year.

Our art therapy class today was about love, both giving and recieving love. We thought about some animals in nature that we love and made “footprints” to represent the animals. There were a range of different styles which was cool to see.

We had another nature hunt which was a little bit more difficult this time and with the weather we didn’t see as much wildlife but the children persisted and enjoyed looking anyway.

In the afternoon we had another group time with songs and games like “Doggy where’s your bone?” and then we headed up to the double slide playground for some active games like freeze tag, cricket and drawing on paper and chalkboards.

Thanks for joining us today. See you again soon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess