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Half way through the week already and we have been doing plenty of exciting things in the Kindergarten class. Today we started our morning outdoors where many of the children were gathered on the big green hill and sliding down, reaching out and trying to save each other. This imaginary play was funny to watch and it continued later into the morning as Theo and Arlo were pretending to be firefighters, using their hose to put out some fires.

As we came indoors we had a small group time talking about our week so far and welcoming each other. Mr Andrew told everyone that we would be making some playdough today and the children were very excited. We tried to guess what ingredients would be needed and some of the children guessed eggs and milk. We talked about what ingredients do to the food e.g. milk or eggs can help the mixture stick together, they can give colour and also flavour. Today we didn’t need eggs or milk, just flour, water, oil, salt, cream of tartar and food colouring. The children enjoyed measuring the ingredients and mixing them together. They were very patient waiting for their turns as well.

Afterwards we played some Bingo using number cards all the way up to 20. Recognising numbers is an important skill for being able to navigate through life and games like Bingo can help number learning to be fun. We have been doing lots of number practice lately and the children have really enjoyed the variety of games and activities we have done such as memory games, flashcards, bingo and active games like running to numbers when they are called out.

In the afternoon we will get to play in the new playground area that you can see from the carpark. Every Wednesday the Kindergarten class will be in this area in the afternoon so you can pick your children up from here as we will bring all of their bags, shoes and drink bottles. The children really enjoyed playing in that area last week and a change of scenery is great for the mind and the body.

Thank you for joining us today and enjoy the rest of your day.

Reid, Eva and Haper were talking about the tomatoes going rotten, we talked about biodegrading and how when it goes rotten it can go back into the soil and the plant can use it again

Charlotte and Sunni were racing over this obstacle course most of the morning, by the end they were really speeding across without even needing to stop