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Wild Wednesday in the Kindergarten room!

Today we started our day in the classic Riversdale Early Learning Centre style kickstarting the morning with some fun and engaging outdoor playtime activities. Riding bikes, doing some summer inspired drawings, playing ball, soring to new heights on the swings, completing complex puzzles, playing tag, reading books, building entire cities with building blocks and making all kinds of delicious sandy cakes and cupcakes. We even had our Little Big Sport Football training session with Coach Clayton!

After all the fun and excitement outside it was time to venture inside for morning tea. Today we had yoghurt with sultanas, banana, summer berry puree and sunflower seeds. With not a lick of yoghurt or seed to spare we quickly cleaned up re grouped on the group mat to brain storm student suggested ideas for the day ahead. The class voted for Christmas crafts, building/construction, dominoes, creative drawing and finding our magical class elf Froggy!

With some wonderful ideas as a class we proceeded to make the necessary preparations. But first we needed to find Froggy who has found is way over to the fire extinguisher for what can only be explained as some Christmas tree fire drills (it is believed amongst the students that Froggy must use smaller fire extinguishers back home in the North Pole). Cheeky Froggy!

Now with a plethora of activities set out and our elusive elf located it was time to get in to it! Starting with, Christmas drawings for Froggy and decorating handmade Christmas trees. Next moulding snow men with clay and reading Christmas books!

After a very merry morning it was time for lunch! Under the sea pizza with tuna and a side of salad. Yum! It was a class hit!

With our bodies refueled it was time to give our minds and bodies a rest with some quite relaxation/activity time. Reading books on the group mat or in the readying corner while some of our friends had a lay down.

As the afternoon ramped up more activities came out including building blocks, dominoes and musical instuments!

Afternoon Tea Time! Today we decided to have a little picnic in the outdoor class room. We love summer!

For the rest of the afternoon we read stories, played games, did some arts and crafts, played dress ups and sold “fresh vegetables” from our very own home corner corner-store at hilariously exuberant prices “10,000 million for a tomato”. What a bargain!

Overall today was a wonderfully pleasant day in the Kindergarten room! Happy Wednesday everyone!