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Hello families and welcome to our day here in the Kindergarten room♥

What an awesome day it has been today and I can’t wait to share with you!

We started the morning off outside with all our friends enjoying the fresh air and cool breeze and exploring through the different activities set up before we came inside to start our day.

We started off with the roll to ensure everyone is accounted before moving on to our calendar and saying a MASSIVE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ELLIE who turned 5 today! We sang happy birthday before she told us what presents she got this morning. After that Emmett showed us some special treasures he picked up during his holiday including some photos with wildlife and an authentic indigenous “emu caller”. We tried it out and Miss Jess swore she saw an emu run past our window out on the street, Who knows!

It was then time for scrumptious morning tea before art with Miss V!! The art lesson today was about our magical breath and how we can use breathing to change how we are feeling for example breathing to calm down after being angry or breathing to soak in a moment when we are feeling happy. The children created a big rainbow collage as a group by using popsicle sticks to spread the paint around the page. As they painted they pretended they were using their magical breath and talked about what the colours looked like and meant to them. Afterwards half of the kindergarten class went outside to the tree house to play some racing games where they had to have quick reactions to get to the spots first, this was a great learning moment about not always winning and being resilient and persistent to try and win the next time but if not then to try our best. We also did some catching games and some shape recognition games with a neat inflatable dice. At the end the children asked to play “Doctors and germs” which is becoming a favourite game in the class. At the same time other half explored a variety of activities inside such as building with the large lego and small dominos. This enhances greatly on their concentration skills as well as teamwork building. Then they swapped over for a different experience.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some quiet activities such as reading and puzzles and then eventually explored some free choice options like Bingo and the “Sea-quence” game which focusing on learning the order of things and is great for learning how to read things from left to right. This is a great tip to try and do at home; present things to your children from left to right as often as possible as it sets their brain up for reading which follows this pattern.

Later in the day we will be outdoors playing some basketball games and other free play activities like riding bikes, playing on swings and of course in the sandpit

Thanks for joining us today and have a wonderful afternoon.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess