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Hello all and welcome to the Kindergarten room for our Wednesday session. Today we welcomed 18 friends including our friend Alexander who started this week. We has Miss Simone helping out today as Jess was away sick. The cooler weather has made outside times nice and pleasant for the children so that they can run around and expend lots of energy. The children are starting to show great initiative and create their own games such as big ramps for cars, freeze games, Mr Wolf, ball games and much more.

Our indoor programme included more exploring of names with different media such as paint, pens, crayons and stamps. Perhaps next we wil try collages. The children have been very creative with some of the pictures they have made and the chalkboard is often filled with wonderful illustrations.

We also did some preperation for Waitangi day which is celebrated in New Zealand on the 6th of February. We coloured some feathers to create a Korowai (a Maori cloak for special people and occasions). It can symbolise the warmth of our family and friends supporting us in a special time.

We continued some experimentation with rolling by making some marble obstacle courses, this seemed to be a very popular activity. The afternoon was filled with some more individual choices for play such as puzzles, group music time, tower/zoo constructions and colouring. After that we moved outside again to end our day with some more running around and riding bikes.

Thanks everyone and see you again soon

Andrew and Simone