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Hello families and friends of the Kindy 1 classroom and welcome to our blog today!

Today was a funny day with lots of improvisation and spontaneous moments so let us share that with you today.

We began our day outdoors in the big playground where we had some basketball games, jumping obstacle courses, carnival throwing games and our regular favourites like the bikes and sandpit equipment. As we were about to head indoors the builders came to fix the Kindergarten roof so we stayed outdoors for a little bit longer but just as we made the decision it began to rain! We decided to set up our classroom in the outdoor tree house today so the children helped bring puzzles, blocks, paper and textas up to the tree house. We also set up some ramps for the children to practice their jumping. We tied a rope from the ceiling and they had to try and jump and touch it, it was a great physical challenge and entertained the children for a long time.

After the roof was all fixed and cleaned up we headed back indoors to continue our planned activities for the week which were our Mother’s day crafts and our letters for our post-box excursion. Be prepared for some wonderful art creations and some letters arriving in the mail in the near future!

After our warm soup and salad bar lunch we settled into quiet time where some children slept, some rested on their beds with books and others enjoyed quiet activities like drawing and puzzles. Later in the afternoon we plan to experiment with making our own playdough as part of our science topic this week.

Thanks for joining us today, have a great evening.

Mr Andrew, Miss Jade and Miss Denise

P.S please remember to bring your child’s named hat everyday to Kindergarten as we only have so many spares and if children don’t have hats they are unable to play in the outdoor environment. Riversdale hats can be purchased from the front desk or your own named hats from home are fine if the are wide rimmed to cover head ears and neck. Thank you 🙂