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Happy Wednesday everyone! What a hot day it has been today so we have made sure to utilise all of the shady areas of the playground including the swings, under cover sandpit, the tree house and also under the verandahs. The tree house was set up with an awesome obstacle course today which challenged the children’s balancing skills (and patience as well as they had to wait for their friends on the “tippy bridge” section). Well done to Harvey who has been working hard to challenge himself on the obstacle courses and managed to make one of the big jumps on his own.

We also had a large water trough in the yard which the children loved dipping their hands into and pouring into the various containers. Afterwards we collected the water in watering cans and used it to water the plants. We talked about the importance of looking after nature and our own playground. I encourage everyone at home to set up something that your children can be responsible for whether that is feeding the pets, watering the plants, washing the dishes. They love helping out and it tremendouly increases their self-confidence and sense of responsibility.

In the morning we continued to explore all of the activities on the shelves and our most popular one today was BINGO! A few chidlren gathered around to play and it was great to test out some number recognition in a fun and exciting way. Well done to Charlie and Connor who were our Bingo winners in the two games we played.

We got outdoors to release some more energy before lunch and then settled into rest time with sleep for some and books and puzzles for others. In the afternoon we plan to make some playdough for the classroom and also decorate some classroom rules posters that we worked together to make.

Thanks for joining us today.

Mr Andrew, Miss Natalie and Miss Jade