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Welcome to Wednesday everyone, we hope you are having a wonderful day, as we are in the Kindergarten.

This morning before we ventured inside for morning tea we had fun exploring outside. Some of our friends had their little sport lesson which they said was so much fun, children enjoyed exploring in the sandpit, practicing their monkey bar skills and swinging on the swing. We then moved inside for our morning tea of delicious fruit bread and assortment of fruit which the children really enjoyed.

After refuelling our bodies we joined together on the group mat to sing our good morning songs, and say our acknowledgement of country. As the children have been showing an interest in exploring colour mixing, today we had a discussion about what we thought different colours mixed together would make, the children all had the opportunity to share what they thought the colours mixed together would make. Here is what they came up with

Blue and yellow = Sage– ” Green.” Graysen “Red.” Harper “Purple.” Hayley “Red.” Wynter “Pink.” Layla “Black.” Hamilton “Orange.”

Yellow and red = Hamilton “Orange.” Wynter “Orange.” Sage “Blue.” Layla “Yellow.” Hayley “Green.” Harper “Orange.”

Green and red = Hayley “Blue.” Graysen “Rainbow.” Wynter “Rainbow.” Hamilton “Yellow.” Harper “A rainbow.” Layla “White.”

Red and blue = Sage “Green.” Wynter “Pink.” Hayley “Brown and pink.” Graysen “Red and pink.”

Yellow and green = Hayley “Blue.” Harper “Red.” Hamilton “Orange.” Graysen “Blue.” Layla “Purple.”

Green and blue = Hayley “Red.” Hamilton “Purple.” Graysen “Red.” Wynter “Pink.” Sage “Red.” Harper “Blue.”

Now that we had all had the opportunity to share our ideas of what we thought each colour combination was going to make, it was now time to get hands on and experiment with the colours. The children took turns at either painting their own hands or their peers. At first we tried mixing the colours together using our hands, but it didn’t work very well, when then tried a new approach painting over one of the colours with a paintbrush mixing it on our hand which worked much better. As the children mixed the colours we talked about the new colours we had made, and if we had guessed right. Now we have a wonderful colour mixing chart on our wall for us to refer too. Tomorrow we will explore mixing more colours to add to our colour chart. After the children had finished mixing the colours Harper, Layla and Sage stayed on continuing to mix different colours together on the page and with their hands, what fun it looked as though they were having.

This morning the children were also busy exploring their construction skills as they created with the lego and creating an obstacle course with the bamboo shoots.

During our quiet activity time this afternoon the children have been busy exploring using their manipulative skills through lego construction and a variety of other block play.

I will be handing out some invites for Graduation today as some of you I found have missed the initial one. Which I am very sorry about.

I hope you have a lovely afternoon

Miss Emma and Miss Jordan