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Welcome to our wonderful Wednesday everybody. Today we enjoyed some play in the outdoor area where Miss Jess has been setting up some enticing glue crafting activities with different materials. We also found some shady spots to read and play in the sand as well.

We continued our exploration of space week by reading a book about the solar system. After reading it we got the children to choose what they liked most about the book to inspire some space themed artwork. There were a range of different replies from planets to meteors to spaceships and aliens. It was great to be able to foster that curiosity and I challenge everyone to explore it more with their children at home as it can open up lots of conversations.

For art therapy class we talked about how we are connected to everyone and everything and our actions affect everyone. We talked about how there is a special love connection that can never be broken no matter what we do or where we go. After that we used some string and glue to make some wonderful coloured artwork while talking about who we have special connections to.

Another fun activity was a treasure hunt in the yard where we had to find the big red jumbo dice. The children had to ask questions and problem solving skills to narrow down the location before they had to hunt for it. It was a great exercise for using critical thinking skills and as you can see from the chalkboard they asked great questions to narrow down the location.

That’s all for today so thanks for joining us. See you next time!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess