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Greetings friends!

We have had a lovely day in the Kindergarten room today!

Starting our morning off in classic Riversdale style playing outside in our amazing playground with all our friends. We are so lucky to have these facilities here and the children love playing outside so much! There were many activities set up around the playground for the children to actively participate designed to ignite their imaginations.

Moving indoors we had a delightful morning tea. Watermelon, grapes, pineapple and fruit loaf. After morning tea we head over to the group mat for our daily group time, where we the children are welcome to share with the group anything they wish with the class. We also learnt some new songs and sang along with Mr G and Miss Manuela. Some wonderful little singers we have in the class. The children really enjoyed this.

After group time we set out to explore the many wonderful things to do at Kindergarten with many different creative activities set out for the children as well as allowing them the opportunity to freely play with their friends. Today so far has been a very creatively inspired day so far with the children deciding to make their own band playing a multitude of different instruments at the same time while others danced around them. Looked like a lot of fun! The children also had the opportunity to create a fireworks picture using paper, glue, cupcake wrappers and a lot of glitter! which I am sure the children will look forward to sharing with you all at home.

Moving through the morning it was time for some lunch. Today we had mince with mash potato, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peas, broccoli and lettuce. Miss Kerrie must have nailed it today as everyone came back for seconds, even thirds!

After lunch it was time to rest. Beds where laid out for the children to lay down and sleep if they wished. As our friends rose they were moved to quite activities setup around the room. Reading areas, drawing tables and some children decided to build using building bocks on the group mat.

When everyone was awake we regrouped on the group mat as a class for story time! That has been our day so far. Shortly we will have some afternoon tea and depending on the weather we might head back outside for another play and to stretch out our legs.

Today has been a wonderful day!


Kind Regards,

Mr G and Miss Manuela