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Welcome families and friends of Riversdale to our Wednesday blog. Hope you enjoy hearing about what we did today.

This morning we had lots of active play with the children playing chasing games, riding bikes, ball games and playing on the swing. It has been great to see the friendships strengthening through these types of games and the children are learning important skills like how to play reciprocally, learning to share resources and that we can’t always win.

We have been asking the children lots of questions about the menu and getting their feedback about what they like and don’t like so we can make sure we have lots of yummy food available for all the children. We have been taking a closer look at our food and where it comes from because when children have a closer understanding and involvement with their food they are more likely to eat it.

At group time we read a story called “my mum goes to work” which talked about being comfortable when our parents need to leave us. We talked about different ideas of how to cope when our parents leave to work or we get dropped of at Kindergarten. Afterwards we all gathered at the tables and drew pictures about what our mums or dads do at work or what they like to do when they play with us.

Just before lunch we did some group games including the “crocodile game”, a bean bag throwing game and a soccer game. It was great to see the children afterwards creating their own games like Xavier and Hazel trying to knock the dinosaur of the ropes and Kianni starting a game of candlesticks with some friends.

In the afternoon we will set up some awesome invitations to play in the outdoor space like plant watering, stick/leaf collecting, bug hunting and sandcastle materials as well as our usual outdoor resources.

Thanks for joining us today and enjoy the rest of your day.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Coen, Theo, Kerim and Henry transporting bark around the playground to create their own “swimming pool”

Xavier and Hazel creating their own throwing game with the bean bags

Drawing our families

Playing our class throwing game