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Welcome to wonderful Thursday everyone.

Today it is party day number four, with today being Teddy bear picnic and party game day. The children have been looking forward to this day all week.

With the exciting day arriving, this morning at group time the children had the opportunity to introduce their special furry friends to their to their peers. I loved hearing the stories about how some of the children had gotten their special teddies and their names. After group time we moved into our party games. First being one of the children’s favourites “Doggy, doggy where’s your bone?” As we played this game together it was great to see the children patiently awaiting their turn. Next we moved onto the last game for the morning which was pass the parcel. The children all listened and waited excitedly to see what awaited them once they unwrapped their layer of wrapping, and the final layer being a special prize of a puzzle, our lucky winner was Jaxon. I loved what good sports the children were once Jaxon had unwrapped the special prize with no one getting upset. Mr Daniel then came for Arakan we practiced punching on to the bag and played  catching and throwing with the bean bag.

Once we had all had our turn at Arakan, the children had the opportunity to make a delicious treat for our teddy bear’s picnic afternoon tea, yummy fairy bread. The children did such a great job spreading the margarine into their bread, and sprinkling on their choice of coloured sprinkles. I could see that lots of our friends get the opportunity to make their own toast or sandwiches at home as they were so confident spreading on the butter. The children are all very excited for our party this afternoon.

Here are a few snaps from our Teddy Bear’s picnic

We hope you have a wonderful afternoon and we will see you tomorrow. Don’t forget your Christmas dress up tomorrow.

Miss Emma and Miss Lisa