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Warm greetings to all and welcome to our terrific Thursday in the Kindergarten room

What a day it has been and I look forward to telling you all about it.

This Morning all children happily ran to the great outdoors for a massive play and thank goodness that the rain held of until all children were inside! Children love exploring their outdoor environment and all it has to offer! The bikes, sandpit, the great big slides, water play Oh and cant forget the giant circle swing OR the obstacle course! All was enjoyed by all children throughout the morning.

Before children came to sit on the green mat outside, everyone from all rooms helped tidy up the yard before going in as we did not want our things to get wet from the rain. All children participated in this and they did a terrific job at helping. Soon after all Kindergarten children came to sit down on the green mat outside their classroom door. We did a role call and doubled checked we had everyone! Mr Andrew and Miss Jess welcomed a total of 18 blossoming stars to the room. Mr Andrew than sang the good morning before children made their way inside to wash their hands ready for morning tea.

After children had eaten we headed to the green mat ready for our group time! This morning in group time Mr Andrew spoke more about autumn, sang our beautiful autumn song and read a book about the beach!! This sparked a lot of conversations as the book was read. Throughout the day we have been focusing on children working together to help tidy away as a teamwork effort, so far children have neem doing a wonderful job and they like being helpers too.

It was then time for children to self- select activities to participate in throughout the room.

    • For our art activities we had the leaf collage for those who didn’t get to do one just yet, we also had set up a dinosaur painting activity where the children painted the bottom of the dinosaur’s feet then stamped them away!! They loved doing this and this was such a great idea as the children have really liked playing with the animals a lot lately.
    • Home corner was a favourite by the few! Children enjoyed role playing by being a mum, dad, a pet, shopkeeper or even the chef!!
    • The connectors and Lego was pretty popular too as some children really like building things out of them into different shapes and sizes and to even make awesome farms, houses and so much more!
    • Mr Andrew set up an activity where children needed to match the numbers on the paper with the correct amount of wooden circles.
    • The puzzles were a pretty popular activity too, children really like problem solving to get the end result.

Many other things were enjoyed by all and so much fun, joy and happiness was shared throughout the day.

Mr Dan was here today for Arakan!!!!!! All children enjoyed todays lesson with him as they practice their quick reflexes to cover their heads and tummies and they also played some games that involved seeing how far they could throw!! Thank you Mr Dan and see you again next week.

This afternoon depending on the rain, children may or may not head outside but either way so much fun will still be had.

Thankyou Kindergarten for today and see you all soon!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.