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Welcome to the Kindy 1 blog today. It’s July! The children were excited to change the calendar today as it was a new month. We checked the Birthday chart and saw that we have 7 birthdays this month! The children have been doing so well at practicing learning the days of the week, months of the year and even numbers all the way up to 30. We have also practiced reading the time which is an important skill to build autonomy and understanding of the world around them.

As a transition to morning tea we spelt the children’s names backwards to see how quickly they could guess them. It was a great challenge for letter recognition and also getting more familiar with the letters in their name. At morning tea and lunch the children have been doing so well at their self serve learning skills like picking up food with tongs and spoons as well as pouring water into their own drink bottles. Well done Kindy class!

Throughout the morning we had a range of activities going including:

  • Card games like “peach snap”, and go fish
  • Gluing in our observations, artwork and worksheets into our learning journals
  • Arakan martial arts session
  • Domino stacking and constructions

The rain has kept us indoors most of the day but we had a nice relaxing yoga session before lunch. Hopefully we can get outdoors for some active play. otherwise we will try and get into the tree house for our sport and movement games and other group games.

We hope you enjoyed our blog today and are able to view the photos that are emailed with the daily programs.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess