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Good afternoon friends and families of Kindy one classroom, Welcome to our blog!

This morning we had explored the outdoor environment with our friends from Senior, Pre-Kindy, and Kindy two rooms. At Group time this morning we had a discussion based around manners and how we need to have our listening ears on and being respectful towards our friends and presenter of the show which was held in Kindy two room. We also discussed the seasons, weather, and days of the week, which children were engaged and enthusiastic of understanding of the calendar.

Today our planned activities include of an estimation game. The children were given four jars with each jar having a different amount of objects inside of them. The children had the chance to guess how many objects were in each jar. Each child had used different strategies which include counting, guessing, and measuring diameter of the jar. The children loved participating and taking a guess of the jars, as they would  communicate with the friends.

We had enjoyed a wonderful show from Good Manners which was based around children understanding how to be Respectful, Responsible and Really good manner which were the three main ‘R’s’. We also learnt the five key words which were :thank you, I am sorry, excuse me, you’re welcome and please”. The children were engaged and excited from watching the show.

For outdoor play we adventured to the slide yard and did some wonderful gymnastics with Mr Andrew. This allowed us to build strength in our muscles as they develop as we grow. For our sport and movement games we did some catching games and also practiced some teamwork games to catch and throw to each other – important skills for heading into organised sports or other physical pursuits.

This afternoon we will adventure over to Kindy two and explore the yard, as we continue to build on our strength while we walk along the balancing beam and completing an obstacle course. We will also focus on our stories which we have been writing with Mr Andrew.

Much Love Mr Andrew and Miss Jess xoxo