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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room for this beautiful Monday. We had so much fun all day with our little friends. We spent outside most of the day and engaged with lot of activities.

Noah and Finley had so much fun together on the see-saw in this morning. They have been choosing to use their own legs to go up and down. They loved to play with the hula-hoop too. Jackson and Ariana also joined with them later. They were very busy running around the play yard, playing under the tents and waving to the friends playing in the next yard.

We came inside after busy play to have some delicious morning tea. We are preparing for the long Easter holiday. So, we continued the Easter crafts after morning tea. We made an Easter crown today and our little friends engaged in happily. Finley, Noah, Jackson and Ariana they all loved to decorate their Easter crown. There were busy with drawing on their crown using textures and sticking bunny ears.

And after that we had our delicious lunch and spent most of time inside. Children have been choosing to read some books, play with the hula-hoops, ride the tricycles and push the trucks. Finley and Ariana are good on communication skills at this stage. They use lot of words to communicate all day. Jackson and Noah are good on gross motor skills at this stage as they love running, climbing, grab the toys, reach the toys and throw the balls all day.

Looking forward for tomorrow…..

Love Miss. Hansani….