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Welcome to Pre-Kindy’s Monday Blog!

This morning our class welcomed our new friend Zane which was so exciting! Today, Mr Andrew even took a few of our friends around to check on the new worm farm and how it’s doing. It’s so funny to see the worms wriggle, but don’t touch! The worms are just to look at and discuss the sustainable ways in which they help the earth. We decided to make the most out of the beautiful weather today and do some fun outdoor play for most of the morning as well as have our morning tea picnic-style outside under the tree.

Miss Jade put some of our favourite Disney songs on while we were playing outside so we could ‘whistle while we work’. Ellie and Ivy especially love this and could recognise almost all of the songs! The balance beams were a big hit today, as everyone took turns having a go playing sea-saw and walking across it. Asher and Zander especially loved this and couldn’t stop giggling as they were bouncing up and down with each other. They began to understand more in depth the physics behind which side would go up and which side would go down depending on where they were standing. Harley and Tate enjoyed their time under the playground in the sand pit making sand coffee’s with o their new friend Zane.

Ellie, Ivy and Kaylee enjoyed making ‘dinner’ from the leaves and bark they found in the playground, mixing it with some water. They then turned it into a paint mixture and doing some of their own ‘renovations’ and ‘maintenance’ to the brick work of the playground and poles. They really enjoyed being painters 😉

Afterwards we came inside and Miss TJ did a group time with us and we danced to the “Wombat Wobble” song we learned last week. It’s our new favourite song and everyone is really starting to get the hang of all the moves and song lyrics. We then sat down for a big book story time and we read “Giraffes Can’t Dance”.

We then ate our yummy lunch which was nachos with guacamole and sour cream and then settled down for rest time.

Miss TJ and Miss Jade xx